These are Mployee's core features

Mployee provides 3 core configurations of its Front Office (CRM & ATS) & Mid Office solution

The staffing industry needed a digital revolution. We took the job.

Mployee provides staffing front office (CRM & ATS) and mid office (onboarding and compliance, rates management and all other rules relating to temporary employment, time capture and processing up to gross pay and bill). Get to know our features with this easy two-pager.

James Lawton Enterprise Account Executive
These are Mployee's core features
Mployee provides the most flexible staffing front office and mid office platform. Get to know its core features.
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Improving contingent worker experience through automation
I’ve discussed how valuable automation can be for recruiters in earlier blogs, but one specific detail that I haven’t explored more is what types of software recruiters are utilising today.
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