The Solution

Stay ahead of the game. Mployee provides 3 core configurations of its Front Office (CRM & ATS) & Mid Office solution.

With Mployee, no matter what workflows and practices you run, you can be sure our solution can be configured around you not the other way round. This means your team will be able to save time and make more placements! For Owners and directors, you can mobilise your data and generate predictive analytics that are in real time and accurate as a result! Mployee comes with "Core" features that are common across every deployment.

The core configurations: Professional, Staffing, Executive Search

Mployee Goodbye compexity hello efficiency
Mployee Professional
Mployee Professional is designed to manage both permanent, interim, and contract workflow. It's geared towards helping generate sales and also for consultants to manage Searching for candidates through to marketing CV's to prospect customers.
Mployee  Labor agreements
Mployee Staffing
Mployee Staffing is a full Front to Middle Office solution built specifically for the Staffing/Temp market. Onboarding and Compliance features to ensure candidates are fully registered before placement.
Mployee Executive Search
With Mployee Executive Search, engage and connect with high net worth contacts at all levels. Generate engagement via private communities with contacts and share Search lists and profiles in real time.

Download our information twopager about our core features here.

Goodbye complexity. Hello efficiency.

Because we understand you don’t want to waste your time with admin, we’ve built our platform with flexibility and efficiency at its core. Staffing revolutionised.

Mployee has made the process of placing the right person in the right job as easy as possible.

One staffing platform with everything you need.

It’s all about opening up your recruitment process: adding value by actually engaging with the candidate and providing them with clarity, every step along the way. We’ve eliminated complexity from the staffing process by integrating every Front Office and Middle Office feature you need into one simple and efficient software solution: from automated onboarding to rate and time management.

Software written just for the staffing industry

Mployee is built natively on the Worldclass Salesforce platform mitigating your business risk when investing in the Mployee solution. Mployee is not only highly scalable, but it is also extremely configurable. What often requires heavy customisation in other solutions, e.g. user interface, record layouts, process flows, and automation, is achievable via drag-and-drop configuration with Mployee.

Mployee Software for staffing industry

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