The revolutionary Front and Middle Office platform for the staffing industry.

Recruitment CRM & ATS for your high-volume temp recruitment agency, including core Front and Middle Office features.


Managing your workforce just became easier.

In a market where finding the right candidate is highly valuable, every little bit helps. Mployee is here to give you the edge.

Plug into the future of staffing software.

We’ve found the key to placing the right person in the right job. It’s all about opening up your recruitment process: adding value by providing a full overview for the staffing industry, from recruiting candidates to billing.

You want to do what you do best – getting people where they need to be. And with few candidates available, you need flexible tooling.

We’re Mployee.

And we are the IT tech partner for the entire staffing industry. We’ve been you, so we get you. To revolutionise staffing, we’ve built an end-to-end staffing platform that gives you a fully automated and customizable experience, so you can fully focus on staffing and secondment.

Product demo: The platform

Software written just for the staffing industry

Our unique blend of specialist coders and staffing industry experts created a solution for your entire staffing Front Office and Middle Office. Built on the Salesforce platform, with updates and new features rolled out regularly to keep you ahead of the game.

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