The revolutionary Front and Middle Office platform for the staffing industry.

Introducing Mployee, a single solution that is geared towards the main three key recruitment markets.


Managing your workforce just became easier.

In a market where finding the right candidate is highly valuable, every little bit helps. Mployee is here to give you the edge.

Plug into the future of staffing software.

With Mployee, no matter what workflows and practices you run, you can be sure our solution can be configured around you, not the other way round. This means your team will be able to save time and make more placements! Mployee provides 3 core configurations of its Front Office (CRM & ATS) & Mid Office solution.

You want to do what you do best – getting people where they need to be. And with few candidates available, you need flexible tooling.

We’re Mployee.

We are on a mission to empower staffing and recruitment professionals with the most innovative and adaptive end-to-end solution in order to automate repetitive work and spend time on what matters most.

Product demo: The platform

Software written just for the staffing industry

Mployee is built natively on the Worldclass Salesforce platform mitigating your business risk when investing in the Mployee solution. Mployee is not only highly scalable, but it is also extremely configurable. What often requires heavy customisation in other solutions, e.g. user interface, record layouts, process flows, and automation, is achievable via drag-and-drop configuration with Mployee.

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