Karen Weebers: My first 100 days in office

As many of you will have already seen, Mployee recently welcomed a new CEO, Karen Weebers. In our latest blog post, we speak to Karen to hear more about her first 100 days in the role and what the future holds for the business, its people and its customers.

Before we delve more into the details around your new position, tell us a bit more about yourself?

I didn’t start out in technology, but I’ve had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in the tech landscape, including my previous role as Director of Business Applications at Microsoft. I’ve had experiences on the commercial side of operations from sales to marketing and consulting, before moving into managerial positions. This experience has been really valuable for me as I have been able to see first hand how all of the cogs in the business work together.

How did you end up making the move to Mployee?

For me personally, I’ve had some fantastic experiences at larger corporates but I was keen to work in a more fast-paced environment where there’s a significant opportunity for growth and Mployee meets this criteria in my view. I’d had exposure to the brand previously and know the founder, and following an impromptu conversation with the shareholders, I just knew that the culture and aspirations clicked.

There’s a real ethos of having a passion for what we do across the business that resonates with me. The commitment to striving for excellence and being instrumental in customer success stories that’s evident in the company already form solid foundations for success and I knew I wanted to be part of the next stage of the brand’s evolution.

How have your first 100 days in post been?

It’s been a really interesting period since I officially started as CEO, but in reality, my work getting to know the brand, its reputation and what the external views on its offerings are, began before I was in the role. Looking at everything Mployee is currently doing and really analysing the external perceptions has helped me both adjust in the new role and be able to have meaningful conversations with clients and stakeholders since joining.

The first 100 days have really flown by and I have had chance to speak to a range of customers and get to know the team that has helped make the brand so successful already.

What’s really become apparent in a very short time is how we empower recruiters, customers and candidates with solutions to enable them to achieve more. Our customers are facing a growing myriad of challenges, from changing candidate demographics to economic developments worldwide and the growth of AI and technology.

In this environment they need partners who can help them navigate the difficulties and find easy to implement solutions that allows them to get back to the human element of the job. I’m a firm believer that technology can’t replace all parts of the role of the recruiter, but there is huge scope for it to enable consultants to be better versions of themselves.

What does the future hold for Mployee?

The business is already in a strong position, but we are continuing to strive for excellence, and that requires going above and beyond. Achieving that will mean empowering people across the business to challenge the norm and think outside the box, and I plan to focus on that in the immediate future

Where there is a real opportunity for us and our customers, though, is in expanding our solutions to support more than the needs of those who require tailored and flexible solutions. Offering more prescriptive options for smaller to medium sized recruitment firms that are in the early stages of their growth plans and don’t yet require more intricate front and middle office support is just one example of new services that we’re exploring.

Next to this people will always be a priority for our business and the aim is to expand our headcount and bring in more likeminded individuals who will be as pivotal in striving for excellence as our current team and our partners already are.

I think there’s a huge opportunity in the market for us to become a challenger brand. We don’t necessarily want to be the number one in the sector in terms of size or market share in the near future, we want to lead with a growth mindset and be the catalyst for positive change for recruitment businesses. That’s what success looks like for Mployee. But the most important priority for the company will never change, and that’s ensuring that the customer and their success are at the heart of our solutions.

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James Lawton Enterprise Account Executive
Karen Weebers: My first 100 days in office
Mployee recently welcomed a new CEO, Karen Weebers. We speak to Karen to hear more about her first 100 days in the role and what the future holds for the business, its people and its customers.
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