The Platform

Seamless and secure integration with your IT infrastructure.

Plug into the power of Mployee. Goodbye complexity. Hello automation.

Goodbye complexity. Hello automation.

We are on a mission to empower staffing and recruitment professionals with the most innovative and adaptive end-to-end solution in order to automate repetitive work and spend time on what matters most.


Part of your job is getting people where they need to be. And the more processes you can automate within the company, the better. With few candidates available, high security risks and ever-increasing privacy regulations you need every part of your IT infrastructure to have a single source of truth.

Plug into the power of Mployee.

We offer an automated and fully integrated solution for every step of the staffing process, including Front Office and Middle Office features such as candidate onboarding, contract management and invoicing.

Software written just for the staffing industry

Mployee is built natively on the Worldclass Salesforce platform mitigating your business risk when investing in the Mployee solution. Mployee is not only highly scalable, but it is also extremely configurable. Your data is safe with us! Want to see for yourself?

Product demo: The platform

Implementing Mployee is easy, especially with our partners

Highly flexible, stable and secure, the Mployee staffing platform has been built from the ground up to give your consultants everything they need. It’s fully developed and easily tailored to your businesses workflows. And should you need to add any useful features from partner apps like Jitterbit, DocuSign, Documill, Textkernel, Daxtra or numerous other options, you can plug and play in moments.

We help you find the best suitable partner, based on your unique needs as a company.