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Introducing Mployee, A single solution that is geared towards three key recruitment markets

The Staffing and Recruitment Industry needed a digital revolution. We took the job.

With Mployee, no matter what workflows and practices you run, you can be sure our solution can be configured around you not the other way round. This means your team will be able to save time and make more placements! For Owners and directors, you can mobilise your data and generate predictive analytics that are in real time and accurate as a result!


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Mployee provides 3 core configurations of its Front Office (CRM & ATS) & Mid Office solution

The main configurations we can deliver out of the box are listed below. However, we can mix and match features from all three.

The core features

Mployee comes with "Core" features that are common across every deployment. These include but are not limited to:
• CRM for Sales and Business Development
• Lead generation
• Process management
• Powerful Search engine – Internal and external
• Smart AI Matching
• CV Parsing and Templating
• Job Board integration
• Dashboards, Reports and Analytics
• Thousands of 3rd party tools that plug and play directly into the system

Mployee and Salesforce

Mployee is built natively on the Worldclass Salesforce platform mitigating your business risk when investing in the Mployee solution. Mployee is not only highly scalable, but it is also extremely configurable. What often requires heavy customisation in other solutions, e.g. user interface, record layouts, process flows, and automation, is achievable via drag-and-drop configuration with Mployee.