Karen Weebers appointed as new CEO of Mployee

Mployee, the front and mid-office platform for the staffing industry, has appointed Karen Weebers as the new CEO effective July 1. With this appointment, Mployee aims to usher in the company's next phase of growth. After a successful period of almost four years, departing CEO, Pieter Smits, prepared the organization to enter its next phase, handing over the reins to Weebers. With the appointment of Karen Weebers as the new CEO, Mployee aims to continue its growth strategy and realize further development and growth.

The next phase

Karen Weebers is excited to take on her new role as CEO of Mployee and is determined to take on the challenges ahead, commenting:
“I am looking forward to joining Mployee. Pieter and team have built a solid foundation and can be incredibly proud of what they have built. I can't wait to work with all stakeholders on further professionalization & continuous growth and I am convinced that we will continue our success”.

From Microsoft to Mployee

With her extensive experience in the technology and software sector, Karen Weebers will make a valuable contribution to the development and growth of the company. Prior to joining Mployee, she worked as Director of Business Applications at Microsoft. She has also contributed to the growth and strategic development of renowned organizations such as ServiceNow, Oracle and Unit4. Her broad (international) knowledge and experience in the field of business applications will be of great value to Mployee.

Strengthened and expanded

Pieter Smits, the departing CEO, has successfully led Mployee through a period of significant growth. Under his leadership, the company has strengthened and expanded its position in the market. He commented:
“Together with the team, we have worked hard in recent years to put Mployee on the international map. I was lucky enough to work with a talented and driven group of people. Not only have we grown fast in recent years, but we have also invested heavily in the product, expansion of the team and structure of the company. With Karen's strong commercial background and extensive knowledge of the software market, I am confident that under her leadership Mployee is in good hands to enter the next phase”.

James Lawton Enterprise Account Executive
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